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Online customer

1. How did you find out about Colour Elements?

I was searching online in 2015 for a colour analysis type service and found CE.


2. How has it changed the way you feel about yourself?

I was surprised at the outcome of my initial Colour iD consultation (which was all over email/online) as I had always believed I suited cool   colours/tones but indeed I was the opposite!! I now see the benefit of wearing colours of the right spectrum and also feel more confident wearing bold accessories, often adding a pop of colour. I’ve also fallen in love again with yellow gold, which has been great as I inherited a lot of my mum’s jewellery and now feel able to wear it.


3. How did Colour Elements benefit your life?

I’ve found it really fascinating how colour can impact your mood and how you feel about yourself on any given day. The main benefit has been more confidence in putting outfits together and getting better wear out of my clothes. I take more time now when considering what I might buy, and in what colour, thinking more holistically about outfits rather than a one off occasion or wear. I’ve also invested in a few key pieces from much more expensive brands as I am confident I will get the use and wear out of them. I’ve also done several clear outs and streamlined my wardrobe. Apart from scarves…. I can’t seem to get rid of any of them!


4. What have you achieved since getting your Colour iD?

I’ve not achieved anything specific. I’m currently on a career break and spending time with my children. Funnily enough, I do apply the Colour iD thinking when buying them clothes now too!


5. Has it made shopping any easier?

In a word YES. I am no longer distracted by everything in a shop. I am able to make a bee line for things that suit me and I regularly take out my phone and use the Colour Elements app when checking on colours and combinations. I still shop but WAY smarter than before. It’s also made me much more conscious about the importance of promoting slow fashion and recycling.





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