Your Story - Caroline







In-person + online customer

1. How did you find out about Colour Elements?

I found out about Colour Elements probably around 8 years ago. It was after I had my second child and I was wanting to update my appearance and confidence was low. I did an internet search. There was a different one closer but I decided to choose Renideo, the name of Karen’s business before she created Colour Elements.


2. How has it changed the way you feel about yourself?

It has improved my confidence in shopping. I also enjoy wearing outfits more. Having a consultation has been much more enjoyable than I expected. Karen does leave you feeling tired but uplifted.


3. How did Colour Elements benefit your life?

Organising clothes is a bit easier with a smaller number of clothes that I like. Also knowing what works with what has increased my choice of outfits for different occasions. I have also been more adventurous with colours and styles that I would not have tried.

It means I have clothes readily available so I can get on with other things.


4. What have you achieved since getting your Colour iD?

Not quite sure what I have achieved but I’ve changed my working hours and enjoying my work more as a result.


5. Has it made shopping any easier?

Yes it has made shopping easier as it is easier to select colours and styles that are more likely to suit from the vast choice available.


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