It can be hard to gauge where we rank in the different levels of sustainable shopping so we put together  a simple one to five star rating.  Where do you currently stand and how can you take it to the next level?

  *one star

*happy to buy clothes that might only be worn once

*wardrobe is crammed with clothes but “needs” to buy more

*believes that fashion is dictated by what’s available on the high street


** two star

** buys clothes in high street stores but thinks carefully about each purchase and makes sure that each garment will be worn at least 20 times


***three star

*** supplements high street purchases with vintage shop buys and clothes swaps with friends

***Likes to upcycle clothes by adding unique touches and looks for accessories in vintage shops

***Believes that personal style is better than dictated fashion


****four star

**** buys new but purchases clothes, accessories and shoes at sustainable fashion retailers such as

gather and see    the reformation   |   nu blvck   |   stella mccartney

****combines new buys with clothes swap treasures and thrift shop finds


*****five star

***** only buys at thrift shops, clothes swaps and sustainable fashion retailers

*****keeps wardrobe lean by renting clothes and sharing clothes with friends

*****wears all clothes in wardrobe regularly

*****enjoys developing personal style without compromising on beliefs in fair working conditions and pay as well as planet-friendly clothes production


<Featured picwww.gatherandsee.com >

Our sustainability values www.colourelements.com/sustainabilty/ 

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