High Waisted


Many women with an hourglass figure find it a challenge to shop for jeans that show off their best assets. Don’t shy away from denim, with features such as contoured waistbands, innovative stitching and smart back pocket placement, high-waisted jeans can be perfect for an hour glass shape as they bring attention to a slim waist which help can minimise your perceived trouble spots by sweeping over wide points to highlight your best assets.

Stretch Denim Jeans 









Hourglass figures look best in stretch denim jeans, which will hold in your tummy and create a smooth and contoured line over hips and thighs while accentuating your beautiful curves. Darker colours can highlight curves without over-exaggeration or go for lighter/brighter shades to celebrate your curves.  The goal is to find jeans that hug your curves, not squeeze them too tightly, so experiment with different amounts of stretch until you find the right one for you.

Straight Leg Jeans


Trendy straight-leg jeans are made to hug your hips and then fall straight to the hems, creating an elongated silhouette that’s slimming to an hourglass figure, without squishing you. If you’re not so tall, pair your straight leg style with boots of a similar colour to keep the vertical line flowing, making you look taller or add a pair of heels!


Cropped Jeans










Cropped jeans look great on hourglass figures as they accentuate your hourglass curves, choose ankle-length cropped jeans that fall in a fairly straight line down the legs, and end in a simple hem or slim-rolled cuff.


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