Boyfriend jeans look great on apple body shapes. Boyfriend jeans are those jeans that you wear a couple of sizes bigger and have a loose fit, as if you had borrowed them from your boyfriend.Pair them up with heels for dressing up or wedges for everyday.

Straight cut jeans










Round body shapes will all rock a straight leg with style and grace. Straight leg jeans are the more laid-back, and make you less body conscious. If you’re not totally down with skin-tight jeans, try a straight jean instead.

High waisted Jeans










High-waisted jeans might be tricky for a round body shape to wear because the high waistband coul cut into the abdomen but it can also allow the opportunity to define the waist better so it’s worth experimenting for your unique body shape.  Slice into the abdomen with the points of a jacket and elongate the body with heels to finish the look.

Wide leg










If you are conscious about your legs flared jeans are the best for this as they flow down your legs.  Wearing jeans long until they’re just skimming the ground will make legs look longer and thinner. Try to balance the look by wearing something slim fitting on top.



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