Wearing bold colours is something that many people shy away from as brights can be quite scary. It all comes down to personality and confidence.  Start introducing colour slowly through small pops of colour to add interest to your outfit – think accessories, scarfs, bags, make up. Once you see the difference that wearing your element colours can make to your appearance you can consider block colours or maybe patterns as you build up your colour courage gradually.

Introduce colour with bright scarves

Scarfs are the simplest way to get a pop of colour and personality into your outfit. Try on a brightly coloured scarf with a casual outfit.


Go for a pair of statement earrings

One of the easiest ways to introduce color into your wardrobe is with your jewellery. Try a brightly coloured pair of earrings to brighten up your outfit.


Go for a pair of brightly coloured shoes

The perfect companion to ankle-length jeans, coloured shoes are a great way to spice up a casual outfit. For an evening look, go for a vibrant pair of heels. Or if you’re keeping it casual try a new colourful pair of trainers.


Replace your everyday black handbag for a pop of colour


Colourful bags are perfect if you want to add some colour to your wardrobe. Handbags don’t have to be brown or black to be functional. If you’re reluctant to wearing a bright colours, but still want to inject some colour into your outfit. A colourful handbag is the perfect way.


Make a chic statement with colourful sunglasses


Sunglasses are another cool way to add some colour in to your life. Add some flair to your favorite outfits by getting yourself a colourful pair of cat-eye sunglasses.

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