Your body shape has a big impact on how clothes sit on a body and therefore how comfortable you feel wearing them. Other methods of assessing female body shapes have varied from lumping people into two rudimentary groups of apples and pears to more detailed methods of  using tape measures or asking someone to draw around the body.  These methods  can be either too generic or way too complicated, leading to us feeling confused or just losing interest.  We describe the features of five female body shapes below using simple geometric shapes. Understanding what shapes of clothes will suit our body shape helps us to filter down our options and makes shopping easier .

Colour Elements created the Six Line Body Shape™ assessment for a quick and simple identification of your body shape.  All you need is a full length mirror, an honest eye and an appreciative heart.  The honest eye is vital for assessing the body shape and the appreciative heart is important for loving your shape and not berating it for not being a shape that you, someone else or  the media insist is the optimum shape for you.


Looking at our body shapes in an objective manner, and considering it within a geometrical shape,  can help us take ownership of our bodies and gauge whether they’ve changed in a less emotional manner.  Instead of wishing for a different shape altogether we can see it more as a puzzle: what do we need to strengthen and emphasise, what do we want to diminish?  So take a few minutes to consider your body shape and recognise all that’s good about it.

Downloading your Six Line Body Shape™ checklist will help you do this (it gives you further pointers to assess your body shape) but you can also draw your shape with a pen/pad to see what shape you draw as you answer these questions.

Now look in the full length mirror and consider the five horizontal lines.


Are these: wide and straight, straight but moderate width, slightly sloping or very sloped?


Is your bust: bigger and obvious, moderate in size but defined, moderate in size and not obvious, small and not obvious

3 SLIM   POINT   (the point on the trunk of your body which goes in most)

This can lie anywhere from immediately under your bust to the waist

4 WIDE   POINT  (the point on the trunk of your body which goes out most)

This can lie anywhere from your stomach down to your hips or the end of the backside


This will generally lie just above or below your knee but could also lie at the point of your ankle – essentially it’s where point where the leg goes in most.  It’s the point where skirt and dresses hemline can stop to compliment the shape of the leg.


The final line to assess is the vertical line and is an acknowledgement of your height.  Increasing this line will stretch your body shape leading to an appearance of greater height which can be helpful in adding authority to the appearance.  Elongating the appearance of the body shape will also diminish any areas of width within horizontal lines.

By answering these questions and drawing a line with each answer you’ll start to see a specific shape emerge, a more objective geometric perspective that can be translated into the female body shape too.  Now you can start to shop quickly for shapes of clothes which work with your own shape and complement your body.  Knowing which colours to place at specific points on your body can be a way to optimise your appearance further, your Colour iD is the best way to find out which colours you should wear and the Colour Guide that you receive when your Colour iD is completed has essential information in how to use colour in clothing.

Go to our Body Shape Pinterest board to see celebrity examples of these five body shapes.[/vc_column_text]

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