Our Pledge

Colour Elements works within a global community, through online services, as well as in the UK so we have chosen to donate 10% of our annual profits  to both The Rock Trust and War Child each year.  We look forward to reporting on our first annual donations in November 2019.

We  love to donate time to organise events  with the fantastic Scottish Fashion Rev team for Fashion Revolution and as previous Scottish EDGE winners we’re pleased to have signed the EDGE pledge.

Finally we donate 4 free charity events each year.  Previous beneficiaries of these events include It’s Good 2 Give and Cancer Research UK.  Please get in touch if you’d like to benefit from this opportunity.


We believe that our appearance is intrinsic with our identity and that the time when we feel most vulnerable about our identity is during our teen years.  This is a time of extreme change, we transition from a dependent child to an independent adult.  We work out what our own values are as opposed to those held by those who raised us.  There is the potential to see ourselves afresh and recognise the potential that lies within each of us.  

But change can be frightening and all the more so if we are put in a vulnerable position due to homelessness or war.

During a fund-raising sleep-out event in 2017 Karen was made aware of the speed in which self-belief and self-respect are stripped away without a safe home in which to rest and refresh ourselves.  The Rock Trust is a small local charity which works with homeless teens.

The first clothes swap which Karen ran with her business partner in 2006 raised money for a charity working with children conscripted to armies against their own will.  The War Child charity works with children who stand to lose everything when affected by war and for this reason we choose to support this charity.

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