The ultimate aim of Colour Elements™ is to promote peace in your life.


To give you space to breathe slowly and take time to savour each moment.


Elements of colours flow beautifully, each element has its own unique form of energy.


Use our colour system in two ways:


*Discover which flow of energy and colours work with your own features and interiors.


*Identify what kind of energy you want to inject into an outfit or space and use our services to help you understand which colours will provide that specific energy.

Experience has taught us that we don’t need more things; clothes , furniture or accessories.  “Things” don’t make life better.


We’ve discovered that a clear sense of self and a connection to the world around us increases our happiness and and sense of well being.


Colour doesn’t require words.  It has no favourites, there’s no competition within colour.  Whether your normal form of energy is high-octane-addict or yogi-chilled there are colours which value your unique presence in this world.  You have an element of colours which naturally reflect and nourish your exclusive form of energy and character.


Wearing your element of colours feels natural and reassuring.  Your clothes feel like an extension of you.  Clothes stop being another thing to be tackled, your wardrobe supports you and all that you want to do and enjoy in your life.


The colours which compliment your features will consist of two elements, this allows colours to contrast and spark new energy from each other.  The proportions of your element colours used in outfits is important and will vary between individuals.


The results of your Colour iD will describe your unique mix of elements leading to a quiet confidence in your appearance on every occasion.


A natural landscape will always contain its own form of energy but modern spaces can often appear devoid of life.

Harsh angles and unnatural light lead to uninspiring, energy-draining rooms.


Careful consideration of colour within domestic and business spaces can introduce a more organic flow of  positive energy.


Whether you want to introduce a sense of calm or inspire people to achieve more within a space there will be a mix of colours to  generate those feelings.


Element  colours work alongside different forms of light and choices of furniture to create a specific backdrop to activities in that space.


Choose what flow of energy  you want to inspire and work with us to create it in your space.  You will feel the effect in yourself and see it in those who share that space.

Restore a sense of peace and be refreshed.