The Colour Elements™ award-winning colour classification system inspires your choice of colours in clothing and interiors by organising colours through the elements.


Colour not only affects how a person or space looks but also how they feel and the non-verbal messages that they send out. By separating colours into specific elements our system helps you to demystify the effect of colour. You can harness the power of colour to not only create change in your wardrobe and interiors but in your life.

Created within the breathtaking landscape of Scotland, Colour  Elements™  has proved to be a powerful catalyst for change within individuals and businesses since 2012. We understand the sensual aspects of colour which affects how people feel about individuals and interiors as well as how they view them.


You choose how you want to look and feel in different situations and Colour  Elements™ will guide you to the correct colours through our free app, and  online / in-person services.

The Colour Elements app is a free tool, currently available on iPhone and iPad, to simplify wardrobe and interiors management.  Click below to view in the app store.