Colours contain and convey different forms of energy which can instantly transform the appearance of a person or the ambience of a space.


The Colour Elements™ award-winning colour classification system uses Aristotle’s elements to inspire your choice of colours used in clothing and interiors.   Created within the breathtaking landscapes of Scotland, Colour  Elements™ is the brainchild of Karen Finn who has over a decade in the customised colour industry.  Her work  has proved to be a powerful catalyst for change with individuals and businesses.


Contact Karen now to discuss how Colour Elements™ can be part of your personal development or the evolution of your  team.

Read the stories of current users or  find out more about Karen  or if you’d prefer the luxury of meeting her face-to-face check out our in-person services when you can ask questions and tailor services according to your specific requirements or receive a consult as a gift.


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