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You have so many elements to your life and personality, we ensure that you have the best clothes to wear for every aspect.


Taking control of smaller issues such as clothes and wardrobe organisation releases time and energy for all the other crazy that happens in your life.  The Colour Elements system ensures that you have a wide selection of clothes which complement your unique features.   Your online colour stylist works with you at a time that suits your schedule to relieve the pain of shopping and achieve the ultimate wardrobe flow.  Your clothes are organised for quick morning retrieval and all-day nailing-it-sass.

Read the stories of current users or dive straight in and use our app to quickly access your online personal colour expert .  All services are carried out by human personal stylists who love to talk colour.  Enjoy the luxury of your own colour expert through in-person services when you can ask questions and tailor services according to your specific requirements.


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