Your Story - Veeann



Business Owner

(Coastal Kids)


East Lothian

1. How did you find out about Colour Elements?

Facebook: I read an article about someone who had a wardrobe overhaul and it sounded amazing along with the whole concept of less is more which really appealed to me. When I finished reading the article I thought I need this!


2. How has it changed the way you feel about yourself?

It’s changed a lot.  Before I was frumpy mummy and now I’m less so although I still have off days (don’t tell Karen!!) I felt like I had lost my identity and my wardrobe reflected this. I had lived abroad for 9 years and on returning didn’t enjoy shopping as I had changed and so had fashion. The experience has enabled me to find my identity again and express who I am and do it well. It also allowed me to give myself different (struggling to find words) segments? As in there’s Veeann the mum, the business woman, the wife, friend and there are different clothes to reflect these parts of me. Hope this makes sense!!


3. How did Colour Elements benefit your life?

Gave me a huge confidence boost and emptied my wardrobe! Left me with less but in a strange way more! It was liberating.  The next day, after Karen had been, I went into my wardrobe and it was so easy to get dressed! After shopping I had lovely nice new clothes to wear something I didn’t have for a long time. When you become a mum you put yourself last and the children take importance so you buy for them and not yourself. It was nice to just think of myself again!


4. What have you achieved since getting your colour iD?

Lots! Karen gave me the confidence to take the next steps in my career journey. It helped me see how clothes and colours suit me and my shape something I had no clue about. I now think carefully when shopping to consider all the different elements Karen taught me and also that less is more, quality over quantity.


5. Has it made shopping any easier?

lol! I don’t think I will ever find shopping easy but it certainly helped point me in the right direction. I carry my colour cards in my bag with me now when shopping and think carefully about fabrics and quality and why I’m buying it. I’m happy to pay more for something that will last longer.


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