Let’s get this straight – y o u    h a v e   n o    t i m e   t o    r e a d   t h i s   – taking a family on holiday is HARD work!  With children to look after it can be difficult to think about what you’ll need yourself, but we’re here to do that for you with a super-quick read that includes a visual packing pyramid – just look at the picture and make sure you’ve packed each garment.

If you’re busy with the end of a busy summer term full of school award ceremonies and trips, as well as the pressure of getting things tied up at work, it can be difficult to find the time for the “admin” tasks of haircut, waxing, manicure and pedicure (plus fake tan /eyebrow tint too?).  But it’s really worth getting these done before you leave for a family summer holiday so that you can maximise the benefits of your holiday and relax from the minute you leave home.  Absolutely nothing else has to be done and you can enjoy your ‘A’ lister travel moment.

Your summer holiday clothes need to work easily together to create multiple outfits from minimal garments.  Your Colour iD will identify which element of colours will complement your appearance and these colours will all mix well together so it’s a good idea to get your Colour iD now if you don’t already know your own colour element.

TRAVEL   OUTFIT – smart and comfortable is essential

Flat shoes with cropped trousers.

T shirt




Smooth knit / lightweight or denim jacket

BIG bag for the distractions which will inevitably be required for children at airports




  • The first layer in the suitcase will be the non-clothes items such as shoes, brush and any electrical equipment / toiletries.
  • The heaviest of these should be stored at the wheel end of the suitcase.
  • Help shoes keep their shape by storing underpants in them.
  • Stabilise this layer with rolled up garments such as swimwear, nightclothes and belts.
  • Lay garments on top of this initial layer.



The packing pyramid  for your own clothes during a summer family holiday should look like this:


Or if you prefer to work in pictures it will look like this:

Finally you can quickly add


Jewellery | large day bag | small clutch








Define eyes – eye liner, eyebrow definition + mascara

Add luminosity – highlighter on bony prominences + lip gleam


If it feels like going on a family holiday is less holiday and more hassle remember that you can count your family holidays on your fingers and toes – you may only have 16 summer holidays with your children before they start opting for summer camps so take time to enjoy the journey….[/vc_column_text]


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