Boyfriend/mom jeans can be a pain to get right unless your ab and glute muscles are super-toned.  While skinnies allowed us to contrast tight fitting garments on the lower half with a baggy top and hide any “discrepancies” in the middle, these jeans require completely different tactics.

But first of all what’s the difference between boyfriend and mom jeans?

BOYFRIEND – below left

These sit lower down, baggy on the hip – in fact baggier all over.  Super-comfortable to wear, these jeans don’t ask much from us but that can lead us to look pretty unkempt unless we think carefully about the whole look.

MOM – below right

This style sits up on the waist and hugs the hips and thighs, not tight enough to pull wobbly bits in but enough that they can be unforgiving unless the fabric is good quality and the style is well-tailored (in an unobvious way..).  Mom jeans are less likely to be torn (your mum would always wear her jeans neat!) but this summer they’ll be worn folded up.










Whichever cut of jean that you go for, the length of hemline and the footwear you choose to wear, will affect the final look.


Aim to end your jeans just above your ankle (below left) so that this slim point is clearly seen, don’t roll jeans further up your calf.  Ending your jeans at the calf can lead to your legs appearing wider and ending them on the ankle or below (below right) prevents as much ankle being seen which can affect the proportions of your outfit.











The great thing about these jeans is that they can be worn for a variety of occasions, just change your shoes.

Flat shoes can be as relaxed as sports shoes, ballerina flats or flip flops.











Heels can also be added to jeans for dressier occasions but they should be in complete contrast to the casual style of the jeans so look for pointed toes in shoes or dramatic touches to sandals.











Just as it’s important to juxtapose loose flowing clothes with tighter, more tailored garments elsewhere, it’s vital to add tailored pieces to the very casual aspect of boyfriend jeans.  Mom jeans can look dressier but they’re generally worn with a rolled up hemline, flesh around the ankles and often there’s a distressed aspect to the denim which will immediately make your look more casual.  Three points to consider are:

1 opt for structure elsewhere – the blazer is an excellent option – but keep it loose. The aim is to keep a casual look in control –Olivia Palermo provides a perfect example.










2 if you’re going for a casual “T + jeans” approach tuck your T shirt into your waistband / belt to prevent a baggy-all-over look.









3 use good quality accessories – from over-sized bags to neat saddle bags or highly polished flats to piled-high wristwear – to ensure that your look says that you know what you’re doing with your style.










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