C O L O U R   E L E M E N T S     

S E R V I C E S 



C O L O U R   i D

Your personal Colour iD with our expert, quickly identifies the colours of clothes and accessories that suit YOU!  Save time, money and worry; by only buying what compliments your features! Gain the knowledge, confidence and rebel against the retail model. Get matched with your Element now!

Please note that we do not use automation, all Colour iD services are carried out by our experienced expert.

Our colour expert will contact you upon notification of online payment.  Please note that due to differing time zones this may not happen immediately but we guarantee that you’ll receive the results of your Colour iD within 24 hours.

W O M E N S : E L E M E N T  E D I T

Element Edits enable your sustainable Lean Colour Wardrobe to develop naturally, according to your individual style preferences  and lifestyle. Our London stylist will send you suggestions of clothes in your element  colours every week with direct links to buy.

You choose the subscription length, to your personal element edit!

S K Y P E   S E S S I O N 

This personal colour session allows you to immediately discuss your Colour iD and how you can use your element colours successfully to dress for every occasion. Want to discuss specific outfits?  Have them to hand to show us and talk over what suits you best, how to accessorise and what needs to be added to make your perfectly styled outfit.