Our philosophy

The Colour Elements philosophy is simple – to truly see the person before we see the clothes.


We believe that each person has a unique story and a unique appearance .  Clothes can be used to celebrate  individual features and instantly say who we are and what we value.


We use Aristotle’s elements (air, fire, aether, earth and water) to classify groups of colours and each colour has a distinctive name to evoke that specific element (just tap the colour on our app to see the name appear).  Your clothes become an outer expression of who you truly are, all that you can do, and you gain a sense of peace and control.


Connection is vital.  Whether you want to develop a friendship or relationship, nail an interview or develop customer relations, it’s vital to connect.

Wearing colours that immediately bring attention to you, to your facial features, can subtly accelerate that connection.

The process of identifying a specific group of colours that complement your unique features can be quickly completed but the results will make shopping easy for years.  Wearing those colours will make your eyes appear brighter, your  skin is energised and  you’ll feel more comfortable with your appearance, confident to make contact with others.


Alignment of our personal values, our physical features and the clothes we wear leads to a visible integrity.

Using the Colour Elements system you can begin to see yourself in a new way and enable others to see your inner qualities.

At Colour Elements  we value the character that lies within the physical body and the resources that are central to our planet.

To find out more about our commitment to sustainable fashion shopping practices click here.

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