Our Story - Karen

Karen saw the transformational power of colour in 2006 during her training in New York and she was instantly hooked.


She believes that every colour contains a unique form of energy that affects how we see ourselves and  how different spaces feel.


Karen created the Colour Elements system in 2012 and uses colour as one of the tools to help you (and others) see yourself from a different perspective.

“My passion and focus has always been with people, how they see themselves and how they allow others to see them.  Clothes are literally a cover up so inevitably they will reveal so much about the person wearing them.  I work with individuals first and foremost to see how they’d like their lives to develop.


My training as a neuro-linguistic practitioner and my current studies allow us to explore what is most important to them.  If clients wish to also consider how to use their appearance to create change then I use the Colour Elements™ system as one of my tools  in our work together.”


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