Colour Elements In Person

Our identity is tightly bound with the clothes we choose to wear.  Meeting with Colour  Elements founder, Karen, in person allows you to explore who you are now, to consider how you’d like to develop your life and identify the ways in which taking control of your wardrobe can help that process.


” If  you do one thing this year for yourself let it be this. I can’t recommend this experience enough. Thank you to the wonderful Karen for an incredible journey.”   Veeann   MARCH 2018


Often customers find that life has changed – they’re returning to work or applying for a new job – or they have changed and want their appearance to reflect those changes.  Sometimes customers are looking for change and decide to take control of their appearance in order to kick-start something new in their lives.  Karen was delighted when a customer described the service that she offers  as a “catalyst”, something that precipitates an event,


“To be part of a transformative event in a customer’s life is exciting and energising, and ultimately a real honour.”


A day to celebrate you now.  There’s only one, wonderful you so take time to consider what you want to say through your clothes and to organise your wardrobe or shop for missing gems. Whether you’ve just graduated, just become a parent or simply recognise the value of this service, use this day to take control and enjoy life to the full.


A wardrobe which contains unworn clothes isn’t doing its job properly.  Its stagnant energy overflows into your life and makes getting dressed difficult and time-consuming.  De-cluttering can be traumatic so work with a professional to make the correct choices and gain an immediate boost of vitality.

Your wardrobe edit will last 4 hours


Our customers hate shopping.  Our tools and process make the experience focussed and successful. with online and in-store preparation to optimise your time and the results of your shopping experience.

Your personal shopping trip will last 4 hours


Ready to create a sense of calm in your life and wardrobe?

Take control of the small things and feel confident in everything.