Inspired by the film The Post, starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, there’s been a lot of office chat about how we make decisions.  And how the small decisions of today can affect bigger decisions tomorrow>  So who do you trust? Who do you listen to? And do you act upon your instincts?

It takes wisdom to  know who to listen to, effort to consider our own beliefs  and  courage to act.  But what if we did?  What if we get into a daily habit of consciously choosing who we listen to and  deciding who to ignore?  What if we trusted our own decisions more fully and refused to be swayed by voices simply because they speak more loudly ?  Be sure of who you are, what you believe – know the wisdom within you.

The Post is based on a true story which occurred at the end of the Nixon administration when the Vietnamese war was accelerated by one woman’s decision: to listen and trust her own instincts but not to stop there. To act.  Nearly 50 years on our challenges may not be that different, regardless of our gender. The Post movie documents the activities of a handful of people who own or edit two major American news publications over three days in the Nixon era.  Tom Hanks plays the role of the editor of the Washington Post and Meryl Streep plays the newspaper’s owner.  What’s slowly interwoven into the story of Hank’s character’s perseverance for truth and its delivery to the public, is a slow-burning feminist narrative. Streep’s character has never worked for money. She’s enjoyed a position of privilege and felt that her husbands succession to the owner of The Washington Post was a natural choice for her father to make. During the course of three days Streep’s character begins to doubt a mindset which has been engrained throughout her life – that men should make the ultimate decision purely because of their gender. The film shows her quiet revelation that her choices and actions can have a major effect on the lives of others. She begins to trust her own judgement and ultimately goes against the advice of her board and investors.

We believe that each person has an infinite amount of wisdom within so we work with customers to align their outer appearance with their inner values.  The empowerment which this approach gives our customers helps them to feel confident in what they’re capable of achieving.  Do you feel confident in the choices that you make in the decisions you make in all areas of your life or just some?  If you have tips on how to build confidence in decision-making please leave them in the  comment box.

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