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How can I find my  element colours in shops?

Knowing the range of colours which complement your features makes it easier to be more discerning when shopping.  Instead of “making-do” you’ll find that you become more astute at knowing what works for you and what should be ignored.  You can “sweep” a shop with your eyes and work out where to focus on finding the right clothes and you’ll quickly swipe through online options only stopping at clothes which may be one of your element options.


Matching your element colours with clothes that you find in the shops takes practice and it can be frustrating, especially when retailers have a colour for a season that clearly drains you.  But it’s wonderful when you do find clothes in colours that energise your look and so satisfying when it happens!  As you buy more clothes in colours that optimise your appearance you become confident in what you want to buy and don’t succumb to pushy sales staff or advertising.  You do you best!


If you find that time is an issue then talk to your stylist online and discuss your specific social , work or special event outfit needs.  After talking via Skype your stylist can then send you links to clothes which you can order online and try at home.


What if I want to stick to the colours of clothes that I wear now but I’m intrigued to find if any other colours will suit me?  Is there  a service that I can use? 

That’s similar to a comment that we hear quite a lot – “I don’t want to know which colours suit me because I don’t want to stop wearing <insert favourite colour!>


We are not a dictatorship, we don’t tell you what you must and mustn’t wear.  But we can let you know what colours we’d suggest that you wear through our personal Colour Guide and online Colour iD .  We offer this service at a cost-effective price so that everyone can use it, whether they want to invest in any further services or not.  And if you think that we’ve got your Colour iD wrong please let us know, we’ll keep analysing your pictures and communicating with you until you’re 100% happy and feel ready to shop with colour confidence.

It feels indulgent to spend time finding out which colours suit me.

Our aim is to make life as easy as possible for you.  We have a vision for our customers “ocean order, wardrobe flow”.  While the seas may roar above there is a sense of calm deep below in the ocean and  when we help our customers take control of their appearance it can feel like that.  The busyness of life gets that little bit easier when your wardrobe flows and every garment complements you and can be easily mixed with other clothes in your wardrobe.


We think that knowing which colours complement your unique features and how to use those colours in outfits for the various occasions in your life should be compulsory!  Not only will it make life easier for you but it will also stop wasting your time and money as well as slow down the immense waste of environmental resources that buying clothes which remain unworn in our wardrobes, or get thrown out, causes to our planet.

I believe that style is far more important than colour so is this service relevant to me?

This is a bit of a chicken or egg situation!  We agree that there is more to clothes than colour.  Wearing shapes of clothes which work with our own body shape and styles that work with our own preferences and lifestyle requirements are all important aspects of our wardrobe management.  But we think that colour is the cornerstone of all outfits.  If you wear a colour that drains you or leaves you looking flat then you have to work very hard to counter-balance the effect of the colour.  It can be really disconcerting to be feeling great and to meet people who look at you in a concerned way and ask if you’re tired!


If you know which colours work best for you and then find clothes in shapes and styles of those colours that all work perfectly for you then you’ll create a wardrobe full of clothes which you’ll enjoy wearing every day.

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