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Promote Corporate Well-being

Empower your staff to achieve more by seeing themselves differently.

Progressive companies benefit from employees who recognise their full potential and use it in every area of their lives.  

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Physical appearance affects perception of trustworthiness and ability to lead successfully. How you choose to present yourself today will have a significant impact on your achievements within your area of expertise. 


Whether you’re a leader now, or plan to be leader in the future, within a small team or a large corporate company, non-verbal communication such as clothes and accessories will influence the level of success that you achieve.

“Clothing practices can have material consequences for individuals in terms of either helping or hindering their employability or career advancement and can play a role in determining job satisfaction and performance.”

King’s College, London

Elements provide vital knowledge regarding the effective use of colour, fit and style within a leader’s clothes and accessories.  A style coach consult digs deep to discover what you really need from your appearance.  Your style consult provides all the information a leader requires to dress with confidence and authority for events including public speaking, media interviews and team leadership .  A follow-up in-office mobile wardrobe consultation gives the opportunity to purchase required garments without the inconvenience of going to shops.  Information can be accessed through online and face-to-face consultations.

To ensure that you access this important knowledge at a time that works with your schedule, discuss your specific requirements with Karen today.

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Overwhelming evidence indicates that appearance management increases self-esteem and confidence.  Our style coach service is a powerful tool to increase well-being and can be employed during occasions of transition or as company benefit for all employees.

People who benefit from our style coach service include those who are:

+ currently (or plan to) leading a team
+ developing public speaking skills
+ involved in customer-facing activities
+ preparing for promotion
+ returning to work from long-term sick leave
+ returning to work from parental / adoption leave

An Elements style coach will meet with your employee for an initial coaching session before providing a further in-office mobile wardrobe consult.  Individuals don’t only consider how they will develop life practices but they will see immediate change through the clothes that they wear.

Further services following the initial  consultations can be arranged as requested.

To benefit from this service, discuss your specific requirements with Karen today.

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Employee appearance which is congruent with company values enhances the authenticity and credibility of your company. Ultimately the appearance of your staff will differentiate your brand from competitors and will lead, or not, to sales.

The evidence for the benefits of appearance management have been well-documented, most recently in a report by Nath, Bach and Lockwood for Kings College London in 2016.  Ensure that your company harnesses the power of appearance to improve staff morale and customer engagement with Elements corporate services.

The benefits of Elements corporate workshops  go beyond physical appearance.  As employees learn about the strategic use of colour, shape and style within clothes their self-esteem is increased and improved performance at work often occurs.

Our workshops for smaller teams and events for large groups have been recognized for their positive impact in building camaraderie and inspiring personal growth.

“ I initially wanted to arrange Karen to come into Sky as I knew the difference she had made to me, not only in terms of making it easier for me to get dressed in the morning but also giving me confidence to know my own style and the things that suit me. What I didn’t know then was the impact that this would have on my colleagues across our Women in Leadership program …. I would highly recommend working with Karen, she has a lovely approach that really gets to the core of what you want for the people in your organization and then she delivers that in a really inclusive and accessible way – the queues at the end of the day just prove how popular her sessions have been and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Karen and her team again."


“Employees found the session empowering, unique and a fascinating insight into a topic that can improve people’s confidence in the workplace, and beyond.”


To discuss the specific requirements of your corporate group please contact Karen.

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Our company leader held one of Scotland’s first clothes swaps in 2007 and has been working voluntarily with Fashion Revolution since 2015 to promote sustainable methods of clothes acquisition.
We’ll teach your staff how to shop and dispose of clothes in a sustainable way as well as facilitate events such as a corporate clothes swap.  Equip your staff with knowledge  to make small changes in their lifestyle that have a big impact on the environment, in a relaxed, positive atmosphere.

Our CSR events vary in length and content according to the needs of your organisation.

To discuss the specific requirements of your corporate group please contact Karen.

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Create a work environment which
vibrates with positive energy.

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and be  inspired  by the  daily ritual of dressing.