online personal colour identification

Build a wardrobe of colours that optimise your natural features to make dressing quick + easy through our unique form of personal colour analysis.

Your online Colour iD empowers you to  find clothes that make you feel +  look brilliant. Stop wasting time + money buying clothes that clog up your wardrobe, only wear clothes you love,  again + again.

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C O L O U R   I S   E N E R G Y

Based on Aristotle’s five elements  of air, fire, earth, water and aether, our colour classification system was created by our company founder and is unique to Colour Elements. The work of colour theorists such as Albers, Kandinsky and Goethe added to over a decade’s work in personal colour expertise to create a colour process and a range of digital products for the 21st century.  Your time is valuable so we made the Colour iD process quick leading to successful online shopping through your Element Edit.  Use the Colour Elements free app to access your colours.

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Purchase your online Colour iD.

Once we’re notified of your purchase we’ll contact you to ask you to send a headshot selfie + close up of your eye.

colour analysis

Take your pics n daylight avoiding strong sunlight, shadows or the use of a flash and send them to our HQ for colour analysis.

element match

Your colour expert will assess your pics and quickly tell you which is your colour element with details of the colours in a Colour Script.