The Colour Elements app was launched in summer 2017 and includes the new element of aether.

For the purposes of personal colour analysis, colour has historically been divided into four main groups.  Some personal colour companies have developed this further by creating different mixes of the original four but essentially subsequent groups still have their foundations in them. When personal colour analysis was originally developed in the 70’s colours were classified according to the four seasons and this was the system that I trained in New York in the noughties.  Over the years after my training I would occasionally have real difficulty identifying the appropriate colours for a customer.  I suspected that this was down to my ineptitude and not a fault of the system.

When I created the Colour Elements colour classification system in 2012 years of experience had shown me there were some issues with the original system that I needed to address, but I assumed that the traditional method of identifying four initial groups of colours remained essential.  It wasn’t until I visited Hong Kong in 2015 that I hit a brick wall.  I had always taken a real pride in offering the highest standard of colour analysis.  Customers have referred to my services as “transformative” , “life-changing” and a “catalyst for change”.  These comments were priceless to me so I was shaken to find it so difficult to define the colours that worked best for customers in Hong Kong.

I remember travelling on a bus through Hong Kong when there was a wonderful  “epiphany moment”.  The colour classification system that I’d created was incomplete!  Just as there are five seasons in the Chinese calendar and five elements in Aristotle’s teaching there were also five groups of colours to use within personal colour analysis.

Having studied anthropology at the University of Edinburgh I realised that I had been guilty of ethnocentric assumptions, that I hadn’t considered a bigger picture.  My experience in Hong Kong led to the development of a whole new range of colours.  The fifth element of aether contains a group delicate colours that are more difficult to define, just as the element of aether is more difficult to quantify than the more tangible elements of earth or water.  I considered the colours of aether for a long time before identifying the specific shades but the time put in was worth it, these colours are stunning.  You can see them all on the Colour Elements app which was relaunched on 21st of July.  Download the app to see the initial screen, tap the star icon to release the colour bar of aether and tap the blocks of colour to see colour names momentarily appear.  Colour names such as halcyon and stellar hint at the intangible aspect of aether element colours.

I’m sure that there will be many future opportunities for me to learn more about colour, especially within personal colour analysis.  However, today I can’t over emphasise the pleasure it gives me to scroll through the aether colour bar.  The element of aether has spiritual qualities and these colours have been put together to  make your heart soar….

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