Life is too precious to waste time and money buying clothes that don’t make us feel fantastic.  Successful online shopping is simple when your Element Edits outfit is sent to your inbox each week from our London stylist.  Click direct links to colours of clothes that make you look brilliant and dress with confidence.

Discover your colour element before subscribing to Element Edits – go to Colour iD now.


                                       “I love the messages and ideas from Colour Elements,
                                        they are little “me time” messages which make me pause and think about how I look and feel.”  SHONA


style guide

Remember your comics that came along with loose-leaf binders so you could collect them all?

Each Element Edit has a link to your Cut Out n’ Keep to discover stylist tips on a range of topics (such as using colour in pattern, identifying shapes of clothes that work with your own body shape, dressing with authority at work or using your colours within make up for evening events). Slowly build your style knowledge each week and save your CNK files to build up style tips you will refer to forever!


instant outfit

Element Edits feature our famous colour-curated, instant outfits with links to online retailers for successful online shopping without trawling for hours and reduced chance of returns.


colour boost

Colour boost bars help to incorporate your second element colours within your style. Shots of different colours can add a vital kick of energy to your look – we show you how.


style file

See colour work immediately.  We  use pictures of everyday life or celebrities to  show you how colour can be used successfully in outfits and make up.