Instant access to tailored colour

Look smart quickly.  Looking good for business meetings, dates and nights out with friends is easy when you know the right colours that work with your unique features.  Shopping is simple and dressing becomes a pleasure  when you trust your colour stylist to do the hard work.


Download the Colour Elements app to quickly access your colour stylist and discover which colours of clothes optimise your appearance.  Want to talk about colour?  Message us through the app or organise a Skype consult for direct access to your colour expert.

Send a selfie ( email/app) for  Colour iD

Use app to send pics,  message + receive outfit notifications

Your quick Colour iD directs you to the best  colours –  shop wisely.

Save time, money + the planet.

Only wear clothes that make you feel and look awesome. Less time shopping, more time living.

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