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What can you do?


We’re so tired of the old way of buying clothes, where retailers guess what customers want and then make, transport and try to sell clothes that don’t make us look good.  We want to buy clothes in colours that always make us look brilliant so that we wear those clothes again and again.  And every time we wear them we look badass gorgeous.


We watched the True Cost movie, we held Fashion Revolution events and we met with many like-minded people who are devastated that the current fashion system produces so many clothes that are never worn.  We’re truly committed to reducing that dreadful waste by empowering our customers to only buy clothes that they enjoy wearing,  often.


We love to be inspired by our clothes every day. Wardrobes full of clothes we don’t wear are so 20th century, a sign of poor taste, when no one cared how much ended up in landfill.   Clothes that just hang in our wardrobes without being worn  are the “guilt garments”, evidence that we didn’t make a good choice.  But when we buy clothes that  makes our eye colour pop, our skin look bright and energise our look then we’ll happily wear those clothes – forever.

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