A B O U T  U S




Use the Colour Elements app to message your colour stylist directly.  Just tap the dialogue bubble in the top left hand corner and say hi.  We aim to be in touch within an hour of your contact during office hours, other times can take longer as our stylists are human and sleep!


Online Colour iD is guaranteed within 24 hours. 


  • Simply click Colour iD on the app menu (top right hand corner) to reach our shop and purchase the service. 
  • Return to the app, tap the speech bubble and attach your selfie pics – a head-shot and a close up of an eye.  The pictures must be taken in daylight, without the use of a flash and avoiding direct sunlight or shadows. 
  • Your colour stylist will check the quality of the pictures  and  you’ll receive the results of your Colour iD plus your Colour Script within 24 hours.


Looking for further services such as personally styled outfits, leadership consults or corporate workshops? Hit the contact button in the burger menu or start a conversation in the dialogue box, we get back in touch as soon as we can.



The Colour Elements team are passionate about two things:


Our customers


The planet


We want our customers to have a sense of peace with every outfit that they wear, a quiet confidence that allows them to perform their work to their very best and party hard when they have the opportunity.  We aim to be leaders within our field so we constantly challenge ourselves to create better  products and services, second best is not an option.  And we refuse to accept the status quo in fashion retail, our delight in clothes must not happen at the sacrifice of natural resources.


Our award-winning colour philosophy is built upon our founder’s decade of experience within personal colour.

Karen studied the work of colour experts such as Goethe, Kandinsky and Albers and worked with hundreds of customers, watching the effect of colour on their unique features. Finally the Colour Elements colour classification system was created using Aristotle’s elements, giving each colour a name that evokes their specific element.  

Our customers are confident as they organise their wardrobes, building a collection of clothes which complement their unique features, that they want to wear again and again. We’re proud that our sustainable method of person-centred shopping celebrates all that makes individuals unique and has been awarded the 2017 Scottish EDGE Wildcard award for innovation.